2 DAYS- (FEBRUARY 24th & MARCH 9th) – $1100+hst

This course is for anyone ready to step into their gifts as a healer and connect deeper with their intuition while channeling your own innate wisdom. Learn the Japanese Healing Art form called REIKI.
REI is the Japanese word for Higher Consciousness/God and KI means Life Force. The flow of life within our bodies can become stagnant or blocked due to lifestyle, destructive beliefs, or unprocessed life trauma or experiences. Reiki can release those symptoms by bringing the flow of life force back to harmony through channelling higher consciousness energy flow into ourselves or others.
This Usui Reiki Certification ( Reiki I- self healing) & ( Reiki II- healing others) consists of 2 days of content, discussion and hands on practice as well as learning Reiki placements and receiving attunements by Daniela & Julie, both Reiki Masters, each with over 10 years experience in this healing modality. You will leave with a binder full of information to keep you equipped with knowledge and references to continue this modality on your own and two Sister Mediums Certificates of workshop completion.
**Please note that space is limited for this workshop. 
Minimum 6 people required to run this workshop. ONLY in the event we don’t meet this requirement, you will receive a full refund, otherwise all cancellation rules still apply. 
You did not stumble on this by coincidence~ it’s your calling…. come and open up your gifts and help heal yourself and others!
NOTE- If you are interested in a payment plan to split the costs of each course ( $550/PLUS HST each course), please send us an email at  We would be happy to help you!