(also known as Clearing or Smudging)

60 Minutes – $250+hst

Cleansing/Smudging process takes approximately 1hr per home or business up to 2800 sq feet.  If your home or business is larger please inquire about travel charges and or larger homes, if you are outside of the Vaughan area.

For centuries Shamans and Healers alike have used some form of spiritual cleansing or smudging.  It is a way to clear out old, stagnant, or negative energy in a space or from a person, and replace it with positive, clean, peaceful, energy.

Sister Mediums use a variety of different procedures and techniques including the use of Reiki properties to effectively cleanse a person or space of unwanted energies.  Sage also known as Salvia, which in Latin means “to heal” & Palo Santo also known as “holy wood” are our choice of cleansing materials for healing & clearing purposes.  Cleansing not only raises the vibration in a space but allows for proper flow of energy.

You may want your home or business cleansed in any of the following situations:
– purchased a new home
– selling your home
– blocked finance or energy flow in your business or home
– adding or losing new or old employees
– having antiques or furniture given to you in your home
– illness or death in a home
– new birth in a home
– any argument or separation/divorce in a home

**NEW Each home is cleansed with a new Palo Santo wood stick and Sage bundle, which you keep the remainder of after the cleanse. We also leave you with a small crystal to keep in your home.