Akashic Records Reading

60 Minutes – $250+hst

Is an Akashic Records Reading for you?

Is there something you feel very strongly you need to figure out in the challenges of your life. Something in the way of you feeling whole and balanced and you are searching for a place of confidence within you?  Do you want to make decisions and feel happy in the NOW? Ideally, do you want to be able to trust yourself and trust the choices you make about your life and the next steps on your path?

The problem you’ve had are that all the avenues you have tried — whether religious, spiritual or self-help — haven’t cleared the problem or helped you find the connection to your deep purpose  within. You haven’t found your way to release, shift or understand? Then, an Akashic reading might be for you.

The Akashic Records or “The Book of Life, as it is referred to offers is a vibrational record of your soul.  It acts as a database that stores all your souls events past, present and future and contains information as to why you might be facing certain blockages or restrictions in your life.

The accessibility of your records happens when we are in a meditative state.   We ask permission to go into your Book of Life for retrieval of Information that can offer insight with support of wisdom, love & consideration for your highest good.

The process can help contribute to your well being & self knowledge and to better understand the things that weigh you down or hold you back from moving forward on our souls journey.

You will ask a series of questions ( prepared beforehand) that help explore your life from your soul’s point of view. The Lords of the Akash will allow those answers to flow to help you remove the blocks you might be facing. In an Akashic Record Reading, you find your soul’s spiritual perspective.

Here are a few question examples:

What patterns do I keep repeating?
What are my hidden talents?
What are my hidden blocks?
What’s blocking me from moving forward with _____ ?