We are truly blessed to have helped the following people in their lives.

We had our family group reading a few weeks ago and needless to say, I am still in a bit of shock. I never thought we would receive so many wonderful messages. Tears were immediate. We were all hopeful of hearing from our loved ones but as soon as they began to speak, it was bang on … Thank you so much in bringing a sense of peace to us all that we never quite felt before now. And thank you for sharing your gift with so many. Much love and light always.

– Wendy and the rest of the gals (Mississauga, ON)

Enlightened, Healing, Blessed… Thank you to Daniela & Julie for an incredible afternoon. Such a loving, safe & inviting group… I HIGHLY recommend these wonderful sisters to anyone searching for the tools to move forward in with your light work…. If you have ever even thought of seeing a spiritual medium… these are the sisters!

– Tiffany (Toronto, ON)

Daniela and Julie, Thank you sooooo very much. I so grateful for the gift you and Julie share and that I had the opportunity to be part of it with you both.

As humans we are constantly seeking answers that are beyond our reach.  We are able to make sense to our minds, but our hearts always seek what cannot be explained by simple logic.  My experience was beautiful, it gave me a light in a place of darkness, as the loved ones that connected had been gone for so long.  To explain the impact or the experience to someone else is impossible.  The fear of the unknown, combined with the joy of hearing a memory or a phase is emotionally uplifting, there are so many emotions that rush through you with each passing moment.  I am so very grateful for the experience and will cherish the extra moments taken with the ones I loved so dear.  Both Daniela and Julie are remarkable women, so welcoming and inviting into their gift.  Thank you’s are not enough for the gift my heart took away from this moment in time.

May you both forever be blessed.
Thank you again so very much,

Diana (Woodbridge, ON)


I took my 10 year old son to the Children’s Meditation circle hoping that learning to meditate and connect with himself would help him sleep at night as he often wakes up in the middle of the night with worry and anxiety. The experience has been life changing for both of us. There were lots of kids, he felt safe and comfortable. Julie and Daniela have a natural, soothing aura about them that really connects with kids (not just adults). My son enjoyed it so much he’s been asking me to go again. It’s been about two months and my son religiously meditates every night (even when he sleeps over grandma’s house). He has his special stone he keeps at his bedside, he turns his salt lamp on that we bought from their studio and listens to a guided meditation that we found that works for him. He sleeps through the night, sometimes he gets up but never as often. He is calmer and says he loves the way it makes him feel “safe and calm”. Any parents with kids that need that extra something to help with anxiety, stress or just to wind down definitely try the Children’s Meditation circle. It did my son wonders.

– Tina (Etobicoke, ON)


My session with Daniela was an unforgettable and moving experience.  She is the REAL deal.  Her explanation and channeling of a dear loved one of mine came through clear and strong and  I was in utter shock that it was really happening.  She explained many events and specifics about locations, dates and people in my life precisely.  My loved ones were eager to come through and relay and validate messages to me.  It was an overwhelming experience that I will never forget and hold close to my heart forever.  There is clearly more to this physical world that science cannot explain just yet.  It has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with spirit.  Daniela obviously has a rare gift and I am grateful that I was able to experience this.  Thank you again Daniela.  Love and Peace!

Anthony, (Toronto, ON)


Julie, hearing what you mentioned when connecting with my brother totally moved me. So many things weren’t possible to be known and if there  was ever any doubt in Mediumship I don’t have it anymore. You totally made me feel like he was here reminiscing with me himself. Thank you so much for making me feel that he isn’t far away and always with me.

– Tania  (Mississauga, ON)​


Daniela & Julie:  thank you for an incredible day today.  In the 6 hours we spent at your workshop today I learned that one of my life lessons is self love and In order to love myself I have to forgive and let go.  Today’s meditation woke something up in me to take that next step and trying to take that leap to forgive, so that I can truly love. I say I love my children with all my heart and soul but I don’t really love myself . So how can I love my kids properly without loving me? I’ve known this for a while but today tied everything together for me.  Please do more of these sessions to help others because it does make a difference – it does change lives- it actually impacts a person. Thank you again & God bless.  So glad I met you both.

Angela (Vaughan, ON)


Amazing, fantastic and inspiring does not begin to describe these special ladies! The experience is a fantastic emotional journey that had us laughing, crying and left us with a serene calmness. Thank you Daniela and Julie for sharing your talents and gifts with us, we are so blessed to be given an opportunity to connect with our loved ones.

– Nancy, (Maple, ON)


Best experience of my life! I’ve been a few times now to see Daniela and Julie and I leave each time with a feeling of peace knowing that my loved ones are always with me every step of the way. You both are blessed with an amazing gift and have been instrumental to me in my own personal journey to spiritual healing. My heart is filled with gratitude. Can’t thank you enough!

Marcella (Woodbridge, ON)


The experience I had with Julie was very enlightening. She not only told me things that I couldn’t believe she knew, but she also knew about things I didn’t even know about at the time. It was later on, after my reading, that I found out about some of these things. It literally blew me away and it was this experience that erased any doubts I might have had about life after death. I would encourage anyone to visit with Julie and experience for yourself her amazing talent.

– Cathy (Caledon, ON)


What an emotional experience. I’ve always wanted to tap into the other side and was skeptical at first but after being referred to Sister mediums I gave it a go. A private reading with Daniela turned into an amazing experience one I will never forget, the emotions running through you while she talks and writes and surprises you with things no one would even know about. I left there feeling complete and content and smiling knowing those that came through from the other side are happy. I cannot wait to meet with her again.  Walk in with an open mind, do not expect certain things just let the emotions flow.

Tony, (Toronto, ON)


Oliver really enjoyed the meditation session – he got more out of it than I could have dreamed. He loves his crystal and is taking it to school to help him focus. On his prompting, we’ve downloaded the meditation app and will be using it daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the space in which this important work can be taught to our children.

– Catherine (Mississauga, ON)


My experience with Daniela and Julie brought me such peace to my heart and soul. They connected me with my father on the other side. They were spot on with describing him and bringing up lots of things from our past that there was no way for them to know even though research.

– Antonietta (Montreal, QC – Via Skype)


Sonia (Vaughan, ON)

I had a private reading with the Sister Mediums last night and I’m feeling incredibly blessed to have met these two incredible women. They are beautiful on the inside and outside. My reading was off the charts AMAZING. I had waited a year for this appointment time and it was worth every minute!!! It’s so hard to put into words my experience with these ladies. My loved ones who have passed on all spoke to Julie & Daniela and I was given amazing messages. They are so accurate & spot on with their information that I felt like I have known these two women my whole life. I will never forget this time I spent with them and I can’t wait to go back! Thank you just doesn’t convey how much I appreciate what you did for me last night. Stay Blessed!

– Leslie  (Toronto ON)


Daniela, I would like to extend a “thank you” for cleansing our home. . A lot more smiles and happiness and no more heavy and dark energy or feeling in our home and we are all in very good spirits. Thank you for your help. I’m feeling great and so are the kids. You came highly recommended and now I highly recommend you. Thank you for helping us. Blessings,

Nadia P (Mount Albert, ON)


What an inspiring day with the Sister Mediums and a great group of like-minded people. The Meditation Workshop opened my eyes to healing not only for myself but for others. Thank you to my spiritual guide for pushing me to join this session and thank you Julie and Daniela…you are both amazing people!

– Angela (Woodbridge, ON)


On behalf of Wendy and I, we can’t thank you enough for the reading that you both did for us.  We loved meeting both of you and felt like we’ve known you for years.  You certainly made a believer out of me! I personally cannot express into words how happy I was that Wendy connected with her mom.  It was a dream she has had since the passing and she has not stopped talking about it since:-) Again, words cannot express our gratitude.

Looking forward to seeing both of you again.

Wendy and Ellyn, aka Lucy and Ethel (Montreal, ON)


What a fabulous evening last night. We are all still processing so much information, trying to make sense and piece together all the tidbits. I am so thankful and blessed that our loved one connected with you both and sent me his message. But even more ecstatic that our mom started her passage to healing. I knew you both were amazing and now I have a newfound deeper love and respect for you both. My family were blown away by the event. They didn’t expect the in-depth and particular details that you provided…all they kept saying was wow!

– Emanuela, (Durham, ON)


I want to write to you to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the events you hosted last week ! They were beyond amazing. They were heart-opening and healing, all while raising funds for a WONDERFUL cause !! You both have such a gift and I’m so fortunate to have I found you two beautiful souls at this particular time in my life. The Healing Hands Paint Night was honestly more than I thought it was going to be. I was really able to release many things that were holding me down and preventing me from being the best person I can be. That night I left feeling so much better, and lighter. Speaking with the two of you after that event really touched my heart. I’m sure you both hear it a lot but there was something about speaking with you both that made me feel so different when I left. I felt a sense of peace and calmness from the things that you both said. It is very clear that you both genuinely care for the people that you encounter. Meeting people and attending certain events never happen by chance in life, but rather there is meaning and purpose to it all. I am just so thankful, and feel so blessed to have been given to opportunity to meet you and to take part in your events. I’m looking forward to future events. May God continue to bless you both and guide you with this gift that He has given you !! Peace and Love.

Cara (Woodbridge, ON)


I have always been interested in speaking to a medium; however, l I never felt that the time was right or perhaps I just never felt that I had met the right person to open up to. After seeing you both on social media, I immediately felt a sense of comfort in your energy,  your honesty and overall persona. I knew right away that I had to meet you. When I came to meet you with my family, you made us feel so welcome and comforted during such a difficult time in our lives. I can’t put into words the peace that you have brought to my family and I. How could you possibly thank someone for assuring you that your loved ones are happy and at peace? The intimate details that you explained during our reading were impossible to guess and it was very obvious that you both were communicating to our loved ones. You are very thorough in telling us what you see, feel and believe and that is what I loved most. You have both impacted me and my family forever and we are so thankful to have met you. We wish you happiness and success and look forward to seeing you again soon.

– Kellie (Stouffville, ON)


Sister Mediums, What can I say about two extraordinary people like yourselves? You have created a welcoming and opening space, that truly feels like home. I have been opening my heart to healing this year, and I could not have come as far as I have without your guidance and love. You are both committed  helping and healing people’s hearts; I think that’s what makes you both so special. You mean something different, to so many people, but through your spiritual guidance you are able to touch people’s hearts—whether it is through a full moon ceremony, paint night, reading or house cleansing. In a world that is constantly bombarded with negativity, you both provide a light of positive energy. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, and the hope. Keep on doing what you’re doing, and people will see the light you have to offer them.

Josie D (Woodbridge, ON)


I first met Julie and Daniela at one of their first moon ceremonies. Unsure of what to expect, I was anxious going in. The minute I got into the studio however, I knew this experience was going to be comfortable at the very least – it’s benefits really depending on what I made it. I have to say they were wonderful and accepting of the fact most of us there were looking for healing or closure of some sort in our lives. They fostered an environment that made me comfortable letting my guard down and allowing me (and everyone in the room) to be the most real, authentic and emotional version of myself (ourselves). Let’s be honest, you can’t heal unless that’s exactly the state you’re in.  Start to finish it was such an emotional release and aside from their gift of mediumship, their abilities as energy healers are what I think most people can resonate with and appreciate.  I highly recommend attending one of their monthly events.  Each one different but with the theme of spirituality and energy being a constant. Step out of your comfort zone and get in touch with your emotions/thoughts/beliefs and you’ll thank yourself later.

– Laura (Vaughan, ON)


These ladies have a gift of connecting us to the messages our loved ones want us to get. Many have this gift but what sets them apart is the responsibility to what the messages bring out in us. They have deep understanding of what they see in us once they give the message. Their gift lies in what’s underneath the tapping in that gives them what they need to show up for what the message reaches in us. They both have innately in them a coach, a counsellor, a therapist, a spiritual guide and they take that innate wisdom and become the sister or mother or friend that you trust and lean on. That’s the place they speak from and that’s why we hear the messages deeply and we are forever changed by the messages.

Enza (Mississauga, ON)


I wanted to thank you both again for a great reading Daniela and Julie you have no idea how much you have helped my husband deal with the loss of his father.  The reading was very satisfying for the both of us.  We came in not knowing what to expect.  But the two of you helped ease our nervousness.  Your abilities are quite amazing.  We definitely will come visit you again.  Thank you for a mind-blowing experience.

– Julie & Romy (Stouffville, ON)


We just want to thank you again for the absolutely phenomenal reading that you gave us.  Not only did you convince us that what you were getting was from Spirit, but for you to come up with some of the little details in our life and from our father/father in laws passing made us realize that you truly have a gift.  To connect with our loved ones through you gave us so much pleasure and peace. Your energy together allowed us to stay calm and centered throughout the reading.  Also, the fact that I am an intuitive allowed me to know that what you were saying was the truth and not just someone fishing for answers!  We are so thankful that we found you because the healing that I received only comes from true Mediums such as yourselves and for this we are truly thankful!!  May God bless you abundantly!! Thank-you so much!!!

Sal and Laura (Maple, ON)