We often get asked how we got to this point, when it all started and what plans we have for the future. It’s all listed here. We are sisters- 5 years apart in age. We often joke about Daniela being the older one but truly we are more like twins for obvious reasons. We finish each other’s sentences, we know what each other is thinking and and its something really incredible when Spirit speaks to us at the same time.

We have always been extremely intuitive, our gifts have been present since childhood. However, it wasn’t until we experienced an extreme amount of loss in our lives that our spiritual gifts began to truly awaken. We answered the call and through meditation classes, psychic development, mediumship and healing courses as well as our Reiki, Angel and Shamanistic studies, we have built a relationship with our Guides, Angels and Spirit, far greater than either of us could have ever imagined. We are forever students, always investing in our Spiritual Journey and have acknowledged that the gifts we have been presented with are far too great not to share.

Since 2010, we have committed to not only continuing the healing journey for ourselves but to help others on their healing journey too. Through Energy & Hands On Healing, receiving and giving Reiki and Munay Ki attunements and more recently becoming Reiki Masters, our Mediumship, Teaching and Mentorship and Intuitive Guidance, WE have become SISTER MEDIUMS. We serve spirit, we have built a connection with our clients and their loved ones; we raise awareness in the community that spirit continues their journey alongside you, just in a different form and that healing IS possible after grief.

Sister Mediums Healing Studio offers a variety of personal services as well as seminars, workshops and monthly group healing events to help raise your vibration, cleanse and balance energy and help each individual tap into their own intuitive side. In everything we do, we lead with prayer and healing and follow with protection, we promote understanding and teaching. Whether it be a one on one service or seeing us together, we are here to aid, guide, provide support and expand your healing journey.

We also have a retail section in our studio that is continuously expanding. We currently carry an assortment of healing tools, himalayan salt lamps, sage and cleansing kits, pendulums, giftware, gemstone bracelets and jewellery, as well as kits/oils for healing/cleansing as well. We have heard your call for the need for more metaphysical products in our area, and we are committed to bringing that to you.

In 2018 we launched our own brand of products from our Apothecary line of sprays and candles to bath salts. Our HONOUR candle is our number one product.

Whether healing together or separately, we both hold a passion to empower people to live their lives in the most authentic and passionate way possible, aligning their lives with their own divine mission and discovering and developing their own spiritual gifts.

We send our gratitude to each and every one of you for joining us in the studio and for trusting us with providing a connection, closure, guidance, healing and for allowing you and your families to open up, grow and heal in our sacred space. We are forever grateful and are honoured to serve.

Blessings on Blessings,
Daniela and Julie

About Daniela

I was born the middle child of 3 girls to a loud, Italian family. As a child, I remember being curious about many things, especially the older generation of family around me. I wanted to know how they died? When? Why? I remember visiting a cousins house and seeing an elderly woman on her bed ailing and wondering what death even meant. I remember talking to myself all the time and I have vivid memories of sunny days, admiring nature around me. Back then, it was just me, my Nonna, the big lilac tree and the swing set in her backyard. My parents worked all day, my older sister at school, Julie just born, yet at the age of five years old, I can vividly remember having that conversation while swinging on the swings in my Nonna’s backyard. I had my first conversation with Jesus. I didn’t know then, that this experience would become so pivotal in my life later on.

Growing up I spent a lot of time talking to Jesus. I could sense him around and it was normal to me- strange to others. I think they just thought I talked to him in my head but I saw him and talked out loud as if he was standing in front of me. Growing up around the church and faith around me, I also attended many funerals with my Nonna. I would see the deceased standing beside the coffin and while at first I didn’t understand, it came to be the norm. I never really questioned it until I reached my late teens-twenties. It was a scary time for me then, as I could see, hear and sense spirit around me often. I always heard noises and felt people over my shoulder watching me. One taller dark figure was with me for years, I even named him “Stanley”, and back then I called him a ghost- I had no clue that it was spirit (we have lots of stories of Stanley). However, he made me feel scared as he would watch me at night and move things in my room. I became a complete night owl, staying up all hours of the night and this was when I believed something was wrong with me. No one else saw him or sensed him, they thought I was crazy ( I started to think I was too); my studies suffered, my work suffered, and I suffered physically and emotionally. I began to experience severe panic and anxiety attacks, I suffered from depression and the suicidal effects of all the meds. I became agoraphobic and it was at that time that it stopped- all spirit communication stopped. I believe my illness took over.

Fast forward 10 years, I didn’t have those feelings of darkness anymore, but the synchronistic connections were still there. I could always intuitively read someone just by looking at them. I was never wrong when I trusted my gut feeling. I had dreams that came true too. Then just as I was weaning off of 10 years of antidepressants I suffered the loss of my grandfather, became a mom for the first time and shortly after that, lost my father in law and then my father too. I was spiralling again with feelings of depression and sadness but one night while nursing the baby the strong scent of lilacs was there, emotions overtook me; I was sure my grandfather was trying to reach out to me in spirit….

The rest is history, as they say. I mean obviously there’s a lot more to this story including; studying mediumship and reconnecting with Jesus as my Guide; how I left my corporate job with the support of my amazing husband to stay home and raise my young boys, to opening up a custom Cake Studio and jointly starting Mediumship readings with my sister both at the same time… all to realize that when I connected the dots, I had been working up to this moment my whole life. All of my personal loss, spiritual soul searching, everything I’d learned from my own lessons and illness, my Sociology degree, my Angel Card and Reiki certifications and self-development courses, inner child work, EVERYTHING….EVERYTHING had led me to applying my innate gifts and blessings of seeing, hearing and feeling spirit to inspire and ignite healing within myself and others. I am a healer who has answered the call to serve and blessed to share this authentic soul journey with all of you!

With gratitude always,

Daniela xo

About Julie

I don’t have a middle name, but it could very well be Synchronicity. It’s been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Premonitions, things in alignment, perfect timing and my own thoughts manifesting right before my eyes.

The Universe has always had a calculated way of letting me know that there was something more than meets the eye and that I was in sync with what the universe was offering. This is Synchronicity.

I grew up surrounded by some very religious people. Faith & Spirituality have always been within me and part of all that I do. These influential people are forever marked on my skin. My connections and things I’m drawn to on a soul level include all things Native, Shaman & Spirit. It’s no coincidence that one of my Guides is a Native chief named Black Bear.

As a child I never called my mother “Mom.”  From as long as I can recall, she was “Inca” to me.  I never knew why I started calling her that, where I got it from, nor did I know what it meant, until I took my first Shamanism workshop where I learned that the word Inca means “child of the light.”

I have worked with special needs kids at both the elementary and secondary level for 15 years and as an empath, I feel that it’s always been my calling to care for others and be the voice of those that cannot advocate for themselves.

Whether it be at home with my family including my two children,  in the school setting, or in my mediumship and healing services, being able to use all the senses in my work,  helps me connect to vibrational energy on a soul level and really deliver what Spirit conveys that you need at this particular time in your life.

Through Mediumship, Reiki / Chakra Work, Angel Workshops, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Intuitive Coaching and the continued studies I dedicate myself to,  I am always expanding, shifting, and eager to share it with my clients. Afterall, my journey includes all of you.

I believe that “spirit work” chooses you. That it sends you small invitations throughout your life until you are ready to RSVP.  I will forever be a student, learning and building my relationship with Spirit and my guides to deliver to those what they need.  I happily and humbly am honoured to serve as a lightworker and feel beyond blessed that God chose me to shed light and be that conduit for much needed spirit work on this earth plane.

Grateful Always,