120 Minutes – $100+hst

For years intuitives have used pendulums in their healing work to aid in answering questions, helping shed light on situations and for transmitting confirmation.

A pendulum is made up of any object with a weight dangling on the end of a thread or chain that swings freely.  The pendulum will maximize your subconscious knowledge and execute delivery.  You ask the questions and let the pendulum provide the answer.  If you want to learn how to increase YOUR OWN intuitive abilities, this seminar is for YOU!

Pendulums can offer clarity on career, relationship and life situations.  This seminar is about improving your intuition. Whether you are are a consultant, coach, healer, stay at home parent or in business, this seminar will help you make choices more efficiently, with more confidence, accuracy and certainty.

In this Pendulum seminar you will choose your own pendulum to keep. What you are intuitively drawn to will be the perfect healing tool for you. You will learn to program, cleanse and charge your pendulum as well as how to use your pendulum and practice asking questions in a sacred environment.


– information and  hands on practice to program your pendulum

-individual smudge of you and your pendulum

-your pendulum of choice (retail value up to $57)

-your take home reference guide