Oracle Card Readings

60 Minutes – $250+hst

They have been used since ancient times as an aid to provide clarity and a pathway for guidance at hand, to make its way to you. Oracle Cards work with the combined energy of channeling your vibration, energy and aura .  Oracle cards are different than using a traditional tarot deck, as tarot readings follow specific science methodologies. In using Oracle cards, there is room for personal interpretation and flexibility in the insight you receive,  based on the reader’s knowledge of energy lightwork expertise. The purpose of Oracle cards is to gently guide and help you with your journey in life.  Oracle cards bring forth validation of what you already know, what’s buried deep within and needs surfacing.

Whether you are seeking information on spirituality, past influences, love, career or life choices, I can provide useful, honest and direct information pulled from the cards and different spreads I use, that are personalized for you.  I use soulful intuition and guidance to receive clear and detailed messages for you. Each reading is full of personal meaning and  insight into your life and will help with the guidance and direction that you seek.

The clarity of an Oracle card reading can help you;

  • Assist with the guidance you’ve been seeking in order to make life changing decisions
  • Build stronger inner connections to help trust your intuition
  • Be of assistance during difficult situations
  • Provide encouragement for moving forward in an area of your life
  • Offer harmony, balance and healing
  • Aid in providing a path to manifesting your desires
  • Provide knowledge into your soul’s journey
  • Help you set the intentions that you need to be more successful

Some of the combined decks I will use include:

  • Work Your Light: Rebecca Campbell
  • Angels and Ancestors: Kyle Gray
  • Wisdom of the Oracle: Colette Baron Reid
  •  The Psychic Tarot: John Holland
  •  Mystical Shaman: Alberto Villoldo
  • Ascended Masters: Doreen Virtue
  • Ask your Guides: Sonia Choquette
  • Earth Magic: Steven Farmer

As a Spiritual Energy Healer I use my “library of knowledge” combined with experience, intuition and clarity from my guides to assist you with the questions that you seek answers to. Guidance, direction and law of attraction will assist you in understanding what might be pressing at this current time in your life and why.

I use a number of Oracle Card decks in my readings depending on your vibration, what resonates with your soul, what you are drawn to and what answers you are seeking. Combined with multiple layouts / spreads that touch on your past, present, future as well as what you need to release and what might be blocking you from manifesting your destiny.  It all unfolds organically and allows you to look deeply into your experiences and how they have shaped who you are today, as well as to provide the insight you need moving forward on your spiritual and personal journey.