Emotional Freedom Technique
(EFT Kids Session)

60 Minutes – $40+hst (includes one adult and one child)
Kids Ages 8-12

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique is a universal healing tool that works by clearing physical and emotional blocks within our bodies energy system. Restore balance to the body’s energy system , and you will mend your negative emotions and physical symptoms.

These days, kids seem to have many pressures and issues to deal with like bullying , not fitting in, academic pressures and also their own limiting beliefs. Self worth is an all time low with the pressure of social media and what happens behind “the screen”. Many of these daily pressures lead to fears, anxieties, and internalized emotions. Kids have a hard time talking about their issues and expressing how they feel.

EFT Practitioner, Joe Pantaleo from Tapping for Freedom will be going through an information session on what EFT is and how it can benefit you and your kids. He will be teaching you this hands-on technique that will help you and your kids clear emotional and physical blocks you may have. You will receive a take home handout to be able to reference on your own.

Joe will be teaching the fundamental basics to “tapping”, he will also be booking one on one sessions at this event for those interesting in digging much deeper into their psyche to let go of their physical and emotional blocks. If you are interesting in learning more about this before attending, you can also visit his website at www.tappingforfreedom.com