An Evening of Mediumship Event

Evening of Mediumship- Group Event held once a month
$75 plus hst

Both Daniela & Julie have have been blessed with the gift of Mediumship for many years. During a time of loss in their own lives, they seeked solace in Meditation and embraced their Spirituality and gifts.  Their readings include one on one private sessions, private organized group readings &  family group readings which have kept them connected to spirit professionally since 2010. While you can normally book personal readings within a few months,  they offer public group events like this one to bring people together in a comfortable, friendly group setting.

Many have lost a loved one near and dear to them and wish they could have a moment again with them to laugh, cry, talk, remember and just feel their presence. Together, Daniela & Julie form an intimate group of people to join them while they connect with your loved ones and pass along messages of love and healing. An Evening of Mediumship will entail a brief introduction into the lives of these Spiritual Mediums and their experiences and studies that have led them to this point in their lives. After the brief introduction, Daniela & Julie will give interactive readings to audience members throughout the evening. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a reading, however you will experience the joy spirit brings as they connect with loved ones in the audience.  Light refreshments will be available.

This is a great opportunity for those who have always wanted to know what it is like to sit with a Medium. Sometimes people are afraid, unsure or want another friend or family member to be with them. This is a great opportunity for just that. An Evening of Mediumship will have you experience laughter, tears, and definitely leave with a sense of peace and comfort. Their ultimate goal as Mediums are to connect and deliver messages from your loved ones to you.