Crystal Grid Workshop…for this month of March we are manifesting ABUNDANCE! @ THIS IS MADE*

120 Minutes – $150+hst (includes all materials you take home valued at $100)

A Crystal Grid is a spiritual energy tool used to help manifest goals, desires and aspirations. Crystals have been used as a part of healing ceremonies for over 6000 years. Crystal Grids are made up of an arrangement of crystals, that have been charged with intention and are used for amplification of different energies such as abundance, love, protection, healing the inner child, raising vibrations in the chakras, as well as amplifying the energy of relationships; both of self and others.
Each grid stores the energy of a sacred image on it to help with the amplification of your intention. By setting personal intentions on this powerful symbol and then amplifying those intentions with the energy of crystal gemstones, we ourselves hold the power to bring in and manifest the energy we want to attract.
This March we introduce to you a CRYSTAL GRID WORKSHOP called MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE.
It’s time to heal those old money stories, to transform any and all blocks to abundance and finally start creating financial freedom. Each and every one of us has the ability to manifest and create abundance in our lives. In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll show you one way to begin manifesting the flow of abundance into your life.
Together,  we will share the history of the grid, the sacred symbol used, the many ways to use the grid and get you started on bringing in the energy of abundance into your life.
This workshop is 2 hours in length & includes all your materials and take away kit (Retail value $100) which includes the following:
  • Crystal grid and stone guide and workbook
  • 1 hand carved wooden mandala crystal grid
  • 1 pointed central essential crystal
  • 4 grossularite gemstones
  • 4 citrine gemstones
  • 4 clear quartz gemstones
  • 6 tiger eye gemstones
  • 1 selenite crystal wand
  • 4 tealight candles
  • 3 intention cards
  • Sister Mediums Certificate of workshop completion
* This is Made is located at 2 Tall Grass Trail,  Unit 3 in Woodbridge Vaughan.
**Please note that space is limited for this workshop
Minimum 4 people required to run this workshop. ONLY in the event we don’t meet this requirement, you will receive a full refund, otherwise all cancellation rules still apply.