Personal Readings with Sister Mediums

PERSONAL GROUP READINGS FROM 1 – 4 PEOPLE – Price Varies (see below)

We, Daniela & Julie are Spiritual Mediums who connect you to your loved ones after their passing. Our main focus is to connect you with them in spirit, providing proof of spirit life after death and provide you with evidential mediumship.

We also have psychic abilities present in our readings as well, however, we mainly connect with your loved ones who have passed and bring forth messages that validate who they are and that they are very much around you. Just the fact that you want a reading is intention enough for spirit to come forward.

We like to consider ourselves messengers for spirit as we are the conduit to help pass along messages from them to you .  Please note that while you put out the intention that you want to speak to spirit, we cannot guarantee that a specific spirit will come forward, but may have one or many come through during your reading..

It’s up to spirit to decide if they want to come forward. I.e. you may really want to speak to your mother, but your uncle, friend and teacher come through. It’s always what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear. Once we’re together we can explain in greater detail how we connect​ to your loved ones.

Please note that for all readings with more than one person, we cannot guarantee who will be read and the length of the reading for each specific person present and there is no guarantee that all participants will be read during the time frame, however all will be witness to the healing that takes place in the room.

For all of these readings, you will be read by both Daniela & Julie together 

1 PERSON / $420+hst
60 Minutes

2 PEOPLE / $400+hst
60 Minutes

3 PEOPLE / $500+hst
60 Minutes

4 PEOPLE / $600+hst
60 Minutes